About Us

A word about the brand: Derived from the Arabic word Ahsan, meaning "the best of" or "Perfection in Excellence"

Showcasing the premium brand in Islamic Apparel. If you appreciate innovative design, expert tailoring and fine fabrics.. then you will love thobes made by Ahsan Apparel.  

A passion for fine fragrances and clothing defines me. I have always had an eye for finely tailored garments. However, such Islamic garments were not freely available. A need was identified for Muslims in the corporate world to be proud of their identity.

Perfection in style,cut and finish,was imperative. A fusion of timeless elegance of the traditional thobe with a contemporary flavour needed to be forged.

With the passing of time, more and more creative designs were visualised. How could we blend the best of both worlds into a garment that reflects who we are? The thobe was re-invented to be both appealing and encouraging, to young men in all environments.

After months of mixing and matching of ideas, Ahsan Apparel was born!