Great Women of Islam
Great Women of Islam
Great Women of Islam
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Great Women of Islam

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Sheikh Safi-Ur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri wrote this foremost book on rich subject concerning the life stories of renowned Islamic Women. Islam has given women a distinctive position in religious affair, politics, education, trade, commerce and many other areas. The writer tends to emphasize and explain the connotations about reverence rights of women. The Major spotlight concentrates on “Sahabiyat” (Women Companions) of the Prophet (PBUH). Owing to their lifestyle and status in islam, Prophet PBUH gave them a blessed prediction of paradise hereafter. The writer endorses that all the mothers of Muslims are incredibly noble in moral fiber.


As he categorized in different sections by the sort of remarkable sacrifices and qualities that can be as follows:

-Umahaat-ul-momineen as sacrificer and preacher of Islam

-Nobel وomen blessed with the Good News of Paradise

-Religious, political, educations and trade concepts

-Short biographies of renowned Muslim women

-Women in Islam and their status in a Muslim society

-Battles, stories of bravery and their sacrifices

The writer's primary emphasis is on the preaching fundamentals for the society. The scholar has tried to ensure content being away from any doubt and relied on trusted sources. We learn about the imperative role of ladies and Mothers of Muslims and how those lessons can be helpful in modern day particularly for females. All of these factors make it a must-read for Muslim ladies and gentlemen too.