Guinness World Records - Build Your Own Catapults
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Guinness World Records - Build Your Own Catapults

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Can you build the best catapult??

Can you break the record for the furthest throw of a table tennis ball using a catapult? Can you make a catapult that launches table tennis balls more accurately than anyone else? This Guinness World Records(TM) set contains everything you need to make loads of different catapult designs and attempt two different records!

Bring out the inventor in you! Use the components provided to make and test loads of different catapult designs. You could even become a record-breaker!

Set contains:

    • 12 pencils
    • 10 small rubber bands
    • 4 large rubber bands
    • 4 table tennis balls
    • a 13 meter roll of tape 
    • Full Guinness World Record(TM) instructions