My Salah Mat
My Salah Mat
My Salah Mat
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My Salah Mat

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It started with a problem to solve: prayer is to be cherished, but for a child it can be hard to learn.

My Salah Mat is a product made by a parent, for other parents who have kids struggling to learn Salah. It is an interactive learning tool to introduce prayer in a fun and enjoyable way. The prayer Mat is fully interactive and touch-sensitive, with pre-recorded prayer times, instructions on how to do wudu, recite surahs, say duas, and much more.

It teaches children about the different times of salah, the various movements and positions, as well as what to say during them. The learning process is easy with My Salah Mat, as it will guide the user through two rakat of salah using a simple to understand format. 

Give the gift of Salah; the first touchstone for kids to connect with their Deen.

  • 15 Different Languages (English, French, Arabic, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish, Urdu, German, Spanish, Russian, Bengali, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Bosnian)
  • 36 Touch Sensitive Keys
  • Prays all 5 Daily prayers (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha)
  • Waterproof Material
  • Fire Resistant Material
  • Also Included is a child-friendly Activity booklet on Salah (24pg), free Booklet for Parents on how to start the teaching process & an illustrated Manual. 
  • Quran Recitation from a Qualified (Qari) with Ijazah.

Size of the Mat : 103 x 72 cm
Size of the Box : 42 x 32 x 10 cm
Weight of the Mat : 520 grams
Weight of the Mat in Box : 900 grams
Materials Mat is made from : Waterproof and Fire proof
Required : 3 AA batteries


A1 : Fajr
A2 : Dhuhr
A3 : Asr
A4 : Maghrib
A5 : Isha
B0 : My Salah Mat Introduction
B1 : Wudu – including du’a
B2 : Qibla
B3 : Adhan
B4 : Iqama
B5 : Intention
B6 : Takbir
B7 : Allahu Akbar
B8 : Qiyam
B9 : Surah Al’Fatiha
B10 : Surah An Nas
B11 : Surah Al’ Falaq
B12 : Surah Al’Ikhlas
B13 : Surah An Masadd
B14 : Surah An Nasr
B15 : Surah Al’Kafirun
B16 : Ruku
B17 : Subhaana Rabbiyal Adheem
B18 : I’tidal
B19 : Sami’Allahuli-man Hamidah
B20 : Rabbana Lakal Hamd
B21 : Sujood
B22 : Subhaana Rabbiyal A’alaa
B23 : Julus
B24 : Rabbigh firlee
B25 : Sujood
B26 : Subhaana Rabbiyal A’alaa
B27 : Julus
B28 : At Tashahhud
B29 : Salawat
B30 : As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah
B31 : Du’a x 12 dua’s

C1 : 1 Head Sensor
C2 : 1 Nose Sensor
C3-C4 : 2 Hand Sensors
C6-C5 : 2 Knee Sensors
C7-C8 : 2 Shin Sensors
C9-C10 : 2 Feet Sensors
D1 : 3 Volume Settings
D2 : Rak’ah Explanation Key
D3 : 15 Languages
E1 : On/Off Button
E2 : Light Indicator When On
E3 : Speaker (3 Volume settings)