The 99 Names and Attributes of Allah in 99 Colors!
The 99 Names and Attributes of Allah in 99 Colors!
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The 99 Names and Attributes of Allah in 99 Colors!

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We live in a world of constant encroachment of the mundane. The modern world slowly and surely squeezes the sacred out of our lives. Sacred values, etiquette, communication, and interaction are increasingly replaced with nihilism and alienation; vulgarity and egoism; spin and deception; and crass materialistic competition.

How many times have we come across the majestic Names of Allah? After all, they adorn the mihrabs and domes of our masjids; hang on our walls in elegant picture frames, and are uttered on a daily basis either in our salah or while reciting the Quran and making du’a.

Now, let us ask ourselves: How many times have we actually pondered over these beautiful names? Take, for example, al-Jami’ (the Gatherer). This name of Allah is manifest before us in so many ways; when He gathers our families together on the day of Eid. Or, when we congregate in the masjids for salat with jama’ah? Or, when He, subhanahu wa ta’ala, will gather ALL of us on the Day of Judgement?

What about the name al-Wadud (the Affectionate)? Or, al-Shakur (the Appreciative)?

Wherever we are and whatever we are doing, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala’s Names and Attributes are manifest before us in so many different ways. Subhanallah! It is up to us to internalize them…

Introducing to you the latest trendy and modern Kufic version of the 99 Majestic 99 Names of Allah—in 99 vibrant colours! Amazingly, the 99 Names come together and form the Arabic word ‘Allah.’ Subhanallah! How amazing is that?!

Please note that these items will NOT be sent out with courier as canvases may get damaged while shipping.

Dimensions 60cms x 60cms x 3cms