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The Life of the Last Prophet By Yusuf Islam

The Life of the Last Prophet By Yusuf Islam

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THE BIRTH of the Prophet of Islam, peace and blessings be
upon him, and the dawn of his prophethood was not the birth
of a Prophet alone, nor was it the rise of a new nation, nor yet
the beginning of a new era. It was the genesis of a new world which
was destined to last till the end of time when all shall be returned to
their Lord and Master. The influence of Muhammad's prophethood
is visible in everything that the world now contains, the beliefs and
the patterns of thought, culture and civilization, the morals and
modes of living, the knowledge and learning, in short, all spheres of
human endeavour.'
Strange indeed, therefore, that so many people on the face of the
earth today have little or no knowledge of the life and mission of this
last great Prophet of God and his historical impact on the world we
live in. It is for this reason that it was decided in all humility to try and
compile a brief account of the major highlights of his Biography for the general public

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