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A Family's Day Spent The Sunnah Way!

A Family's Day Spent The Sunnah Way!

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Dear children of the ummah...

Did you know that you and I have our very own special hero? Somebody that actually loves us and cried a lot in du'aa for us, that we may become good muslims and follow his example!

That somebody is none other than our beloved Nabi Muhammed Mustafaa (SAW). 

In this booklet we will learn some of the beautiful sunnats of our nabi Muhammed (SAW). If we practice on these sunnats, we will be making our Nabi (SAW) very happy, and in turn, our Allah Ta'ala will be very happy with us!

Whosoever revives my sunnah, has loved me, and whoever loves me, will be with me in Jannah.

My beloved children, would we not like to be with our beloved Nabi (SAW) in Jannah?

Of course, we do! So let's work hard in trying to bring alive each and every sunnah of our Nabi (SAW) until the sunnah way becomes the only way we live in-sha-Allah. Ameen.

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