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Bring Me Closer to You Oh My Qur'an by Shakirah Hunter

Bring Me Closer to You Oh My Qur'an by Shakirah Hunter

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A beautiful handcrafted book designed to draw the learner to learning more about the great words of Allah. The book is designed to remove the fear of not understanding the language of Arabic and create a deep attachment to the words of Allah Ta'ala

 This book ignites the love for the Quraan in your heart and speaks to your soul. It is a reminder and a guide to bringing the Quraan alive in our lives

Qaanitah Hunter, author

About the Author:

Born in a small farm town in Kwa Zulu Natal,South Africa, with large aspirations and dreams that has taken her to different parts of the world, Shakirah Hunter is a first time mom and debut author who has a passion for the Arabic language and its connection to the Quran.
The environment of Deen prompted a deep understanding and realisation for Shakirah Hunter which guided her seven-year extensive study of Islamic jurispudence, translation and understanding of the Ouran with a comprehensive grasp of the Arabic Language and Balagha. With a background in Industrial psychology and 25 years of experience in teaching and imparting the message of Allah, her goal is clear - to build a profound spirituality in herself and those who cross her path by forming a deeper connection to the words of Allah.
Living in South America for 9 years within Arab and Spanish communities, her involvement at a grassroot level gave her invaluable experience in intertwining spirituality with Islamic knowledge. These experiences have put her on a path to search for platforms to empower women to worshipping upon Baseera - worship with insight.
Hunter's deep-rooted fervent desire to bring alive spirituality and Islamic knowledge for herself and others motivated her commencement of the Umm Abbad academy a growing platform for women dedicated to the growth and upliftment of Muslim women- both spiritualy and intellectually. Recognising the fast paced life of a woman and her many responsibilities- her aim has been to assist woman learn this beautiful Deen as she evolved through the many seasons of life,
Hunter believes that worship cannot be divorced from Islamic knowledge and true knowledge is knowledge that allows one to recognise your Creator.

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