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Miracles of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Miracles of Prophet Muhammad SAW

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The first prophet was Adam AS and the seal of all prophets


was Muhammed SAW. With this messenger-ship, Islam was

perfected. Our Nabi SAW did not go to any school or place

to study. He lived amongst the ignorant Arabs. He was an

orphan, but the language he used and words of wisdom

that he spoke, no human being could match it, because

he was chosen by Allah. His akhlaaq and manners were so

truthful that people called him Al ameen, the truthful. We are

going to speak about the miracles of our Nabi SAW. Some

Ulama say that his miracles matched almost 3000. Children,

that is alot of miracles, indeed. Do you know that our Nabi

SAW name was written on the arsh? That is Allahs throne, long

before even the creation of Adam AS. An interesting fact is

that our Nabi SAW was the first hafidh ever. Subhanallah.

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