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On The Loss of Your Loved One

On The Loss of Your Loved One

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The last few months have indeed been extremely challenging for nearly every person. Together with many of us personally falling ill, or witnessing our family members and friends becoming sick, to the extent where they were battling to breathe and even required hospitalisation at times – undoubtedly one of the GREATEST TRAGEDIES for us all is the demise and loss of our loved ones. In recent times, many of us have lost close family members and friends due to Covid-19 or other causes. The number of janaazahs that we have been witnessing in our communities is unprecedented. Some families (may Allah Ta‘ala assist them) have even lost multiple members in the short space of a few weeks, a few days and even a few hours. Indeed, losing one’s father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister or any other family member or close friend, is very challenging. This loss can completely devastate a person and makes the entire world around him seem dark and gloomy. Just as in every other situation of life – in this situation as well, our beautiful Deen gives us ample solace, comfort, relief and direction to make it easy for us to manage this painful loss and sail through this raging storm safely. Therefore, we write this message to you – O brother that has lost your beloved wife, to you – O sister that has lost your kind husband, to you – O child who has lost your loving parent, to you O parent who has lost a loved one, we hope this msg will prove beneficial in lifting your morale and spirits and assist you to manage and cope with your tragic loss..

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