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Our Story Animals in the Quran

Our Story Animals in the Quran

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What if the crow who showed Cain how to bury Abel was returning from a justice council with the corpse of a condemned and executed fellow crow?

Ahmad Bahjat imagines this scenario and others in the wildly inventive tales he collects in Our Story. Bahjat envisions animal lives and communities as complete as human ones, and he retells the familiar stories of the prophets through this new lens, adding a layer of illuminating viewpoints to the well-known stories.

No one has been able to ask Salih’s camel what she thought of the disbelievers’ refutations, but through Bahjat’s creative and insightful tales, we can now conjecture.

A feat of imagination and elaborate world building, these stories combine a Muslim’s love of the prophets and a desire to follow them with the recognition that humanity is not alone on this earth. Our Story provides a new frame of reference for our most beloved childhood stories.

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