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Stories of the Prophets for the Modern Age Vol 1

Stories of the Prophets for the Modern Age Vol 1

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The stories of God’s Prophets have been central to the Qur’ānic philosophy of history. Whilst the Qur’ān is not a book of history, its depiction of history has been centered on the stories of the most revered of His creation. In other words, God Almighty could have selected any of the millions of narratives from history to engage His subjects. However, He decreed to exhibit the narratives of His choicest servants as a means of illuminating the reader to the endless possibilities one may achieve in this life, and of course in the next.

Volume 1 focuses on the stories of six Prophets


Shaykh Faheem




Prophets, Atheism, Adam, Nuh, Abraham, Musa, Jesus, Da’wah, Comparative religion, Skepticism, Objections

  1. Prophet Adam (Peace Be Upon Him) with view to Faith against atheism
  2. Prophet Noah(Peace Be Upon Him) with view to the beauty of Da’wah
  3. Prophet Abraham (Peace Be Upon Him) with view to Faith and Reason
  4. Prophet Moses (Peace Be Upon Him)with view to alleviate oppression
  5. Prophet Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) with few to clarity and hope
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