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Amaani Tasbeeh

Amaani Tasbeeh

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Amaani Tasbeeh 99 Beads

We are obsessed with quality, durability, and most importantly design. This is not a statement of pride; it is one of assurance. That is why we designed the Amaani Tasbeeh 99 Beads. This masterpiece, inspired by Islamic Geometric design. 

This luxurious Tasbeeh is crafted from a selection of unique beads, colors and design. It is simply unmatched in its quality. Images and words cannot do it justice: they must be experienced.

Amaani Tasbeeh 99 Beads are available in 3 Colors: Frosted Black, Crystal Pink and Soladite with a Creatively Designed Islamic Pendant.

Every set being handcrafted with utmost precision.

  • Exquisite Design: You will fall in love with its 99 exquisitely designed beads presented in a beautiful gift box for an unboxing experience that will not be forgotten. The pendant is Inspired by Islamic Geometric art giving it a modern design.
  • Perfect for Gifting: The gift of Dhikr(Remembrance Allah).A gift that is meaningful, beautiful, and useful in one's everyday life.
  • Durable Thread: Made from High Quality Elastic thread which makes it easy to wrap around the hand as well as move the beads from one to another.
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