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Black seed soap

Black seed soap

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The benefits of Black Seed for the skin are endless. Here's but to name a few:

Natural Ingredients - free from harmful synthetics
Suitable for all skin types - ideal for problem skin
Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial - helps fight acne
Leaves skin feeling smooth without any greasiness
Moisturises - helps those with dry skin. It can prevent itchiness e.g. eczema
Helps fight off free-radicals that damage skin cells through oxidation
Additional Information
Those who have read about the benefits of black seed oil may be surprised to find it being used in cosmetics. We can assure you there is good reason to it.

Traditionally, black seed oil is used to treat a variety of ailments and stimulate energy. Recently, research has now shown that there are powerful benefits when applying black seed oil topically such as restoring the look and even the vibrancy of your skin. Studies also suggest that it is even useful against scars. In terms of skin restoration, black seeds have been used in this manner for thousands of years. Some suggest that this is what gave  Cleopatra her silky, smooth skin!

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