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Our Beloved Nabi Kareem (SAW)

Our Beloved Nabi Kareem (SAW)

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In reality the Mubarak Seerah of our beloved Nabi-e-Kareem is the holy Qura'an in practice, but since the Holy Quraan contains only the basic principles we have to find its detailed interpretations and actual implementation through the sayings and deeds of Nabi-e Kareem(SAW) It is therefore imperative for us to study the Mubarak Seerah of our Nabi Kareem whose greatness is unparalleled and who is a mercy for both the worlds. This is the only path through which we can attain success in both the worlds.

The companions of Rasulullah had followed the Seerah meticulously and thereby became the torch bearers of Hidayah throughout the world.

The solution to all the problems of mankind lies in following the Mubaarak Seerah of our Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW) which is most comprehensive all encompassing, perfect and practical for all times and places

May Allah Ta'ala accept this effort of Hazrat Moulana Moosa Olgar and make it a source of inspiration and benefit for generations to come, and make us all ardent followers and lovers of the Mubarak Seerah of Rasulullah .

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