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Essentail Rules of Tajweed Lenasia Muslim Association

Essentail Rules of Tajweed Lenasia Muslim Association

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Nabi ( S. A. W. ) has said : "For whom soever Allah wishes goodness, Allah Blesses him with the correct understanding of Deen."

We take this oppurtunity to thank Allah Ta'ala in abundance for making it possible for us to prepare this revised edition of "Essential Rules of Tajweed", previously known as

"Simplified Rules of Tajweed" in our series of text books for Madrasah Pupils

The reciter of the Holy Qur'aan has some knowledge of Tajweed, but what is generally not known is its importance in the recitation of the Holy Qur'aan. It is to this end that so much emphasis is laid upon Tajweed by our tutors whenteaching Qur'aanic recital to pupils at all levels.

In accordance with the basic educational precept, that text books be graded according to the child's mental capacity.

The lessons in this book have been prepared to

accommodate both the child's level of understanding and bearing in mind that this book commences from grades 3 onwards.

 Lenasia Muslim Association

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