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Fasting In The Light Of The Sunnah

Fasting In The Light Of The Sunnah

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Hazrat Rasulullah SAW said, "Had my Ummah only known the great virtues and abundant blessings of Ramadhaan, they would have desired that the entire year be Ramadhaan.

This book aims to explain the Mubarak Ahaadith regarding the month of Ramadhaan as well as the sunnats and aadaab pertaining to the various ibaadaat carried out during the month of Ramadhaan. The relevant masaa'il pertaining to fasting, taraaweeh, i'tikaaf and sadaqatul fitr have also been explained.

We make dua that الله SWT reward all those who assisted in preparing this kitaab, and make it a means for the blessed sunnah of Hazrat Rasulullah datal being revived and upheld in the entire world.

(Mufti) Zakaria Makada

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