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Hajj The Fifth Pillar Of Islam (Two Book Set )

Hajj The Fifth Pillar Of Islam (Two Book Set )

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The obligation of Hajj is an obligation of a lifetime as this obligation is only fardh (compulsory) upon an individual - who has the means to fulfil it - once in his life. Those who are blessed by Allah SWT to undertake this momentous journey will be constantly reminded of Hazrat Ebrahim AS his wife, Hazrat Haajar AS, and their son, Hazrat Ismail AS

When one examines the obligation of Hajj, one realizes that nearly every aspect of Hajj has a direct link with Hazrat Ebrahim plate and his noble family. Hence, it may be aptly said that Hajj is from the legacy of Hazrat Ebrahim AS and his illustrious family.

If we, the ummah of Hazrat Rasulullah SAW wish to acquire the true legacy of Hazrat Ebrahim AS and his illustrious family, then it is not sufficient for us to merely fulfil the rituals of Hajj. Rather, together with that, we will also need to wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of sacrifice which they displayed, as this was the catalyst and the essential element which caused them to gain acceptance in the court of Allah SWT

This kitaab has been prepared to explain the method of performing hajj and umrah in the light of the Sunnah. Some of the great virtues of performing hajj and umrah have also been mentioned, together with the sunnats and aadaab of performing hajj and umrah. Finally, a selection of hajj and umrah related questions and answers has also been included for additional benefit.

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