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Author: Hans Wehr

Translated By: NA

Verified By: J.M Cowan

Publisher: Hans Wehr

Edition / Year: 4th edition 1994

Volumes: 1

Pages: 1301

Arabic-English dictionary – This edition is a hardback medium-large version edited by J Milton Cowan. The front cover states: A Compact Version of the Internationally Recognised Fourth Edition. The inner page states: Fourth Edition Considerably enlarged and amended by author.

The fourth edition, considerably enlarged (1301 pages compared to 1110 in the third printing) and amended, was published in 1994

Transcription and orthography.

The Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic is an Arabic-English dictionary compiled by Hans Wehr and edited by J Milton Cowan.

First published in 1961 by Otto Harrassowitz in Wiesbaden, Germany,

One of the Best and most Popular of all the dictionaries of modern written Arabic, the work is compiled on descriptive principles: only words and expressions that are attested in context are included “It was chiefly based on combing modern works of Arabic literature for lexical items, rather than culling them from medieval Arabic dictionaries, which was what Lane had done in the nineteenth century”

Words are in root order, This really is the best method as all students of Arabic will know.

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