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Journey Through The Quran (Hard Cover)

Journey Through The Quran (Hard Cover)

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Take your journey through the Quran to the next level! Featuring diagrams, mind-maps and translations, you'll understand the stories and lessons of every chapter. Plus, over 1000 Arabic words and key Quranic verses and duas in both Arabic and English will guide you on your journey to mastery of Allah's words.

This new Quran companion will assist you in your study of the words of Allah. Journey Through the Quran, is a modern presentation of all the 114 surahs of the Quran, to make it easy for anyone to become a student of the Quran. This book breaks every surah into sections, mind-maps, themes, key verses and selected vocabulary, so that English speakers can instantly familiarise themselves with the individual chapters of the Quran.

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