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Love Stories from the Quran

Love Stories from the Quran

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All of the love stories in the Qur’an have the connotations of birr: protection, qawwam, endearment, sacrifice, acceptance, allowing redemption and return after sin, opening what others closed and uplifting those who others pushed down. They are the opposite of what is conventional, the oxymoron of the sinfulness that others display, and the righteous rain of barakah into the heart and mind of those who are distant from Allah (s.w.t.).

Iman Yahya Ibrahim is Head of Islamic Studies & Asst. Principal at Langford Islamic College, Islamic Chaplain at Curtin University & the University of Western Australia and lecturer for the internationally acclaimed AlMaghrib Institute.Imam Yahya is a Minister of Religion, empowered to legally officiate marriages for the Australian Islamic community. He remains a long standing member of the Australian National Imam’s Council and sits on numerous advisory boards.On account of his numerous contributions to Western Australia, Imam Yahya was awarded the Individual Excellence Award in Community Service by the West Australian Government.

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