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Madrasah in Just 5 Minutes

Madrasah in Just 5 Minutes

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Two Volume Hardcover Set.

Pages: 1089
Mustafah Publishers
Translation Edited By Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias 

This Book is aimed at benefiting the ummah by providing concise, relevant and interesting Islamic information. Bearing in mind the pressures of modern living, a person requires Just 5 Minutes 
One of the beautiful features of this is that it is prepared according to the Islamic months, Everything relevant to the specific month is therefore mentioned first so that people may practise accordingly
# For this reason, it is best to read during the relevant months for maximum benefit. They may be read collectively with the Family, After Salah in the Masjid, between the Taraweeh and Witr Salahs during Ramadhan etc
Ideal Book For Home Taleem


Each 5 Minute Lesson is Divided in 10 Very Short Categories :
Islaamic History
Rasulullaah (SAW)’s Miracle
A Fardh
A Sunnah
An Important Act and its Virtue
A Sin
This World
The Aakhirah
Cures from the Qur’aan and Rasulullaah (SAW)
Qur’anic Advice or from Rasulullaah (SAW)

2 volumes

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