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Malcolm X: The Struggle for Human Rights by Recep Şentürk

Malcolm X: The Struggle for Human Rights by Recep Şentürk

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One of the 20th century’s most influential Muslims, Malcolm X – El-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz – led a dynamic life and passed through many phases of thought. But one aspect of his thought remained constant – to never remain silent in the face of oppression.


In Malcolm X: The Struggle for Human Rights, Recep Şentürk offers more than a biography of a beloved figure in American history: he explores the concept of universal human rights in Islam using the life of Malcolm X as an example of a human rights struggle.


Engaging and innovative, the book is divided into three sections, dealing with Malcolm X’s life, beliefs and struggle in turn. In the first part, we learn about his early years, his time in prison and his hajj. In a section on his evolving faith, we learn about his youth as a Christian, his time with the Nation of Islam and his discovery of mainstream Islam. In the final section, Şentürk offers a new perspective: how we can relate slavery, abolition, civil rights and voting rights to Malcolm X’s struggle

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