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Oud Elite

Oud Elite

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Differentiate your presence from others, made to only suit you...Which one will you choose?

Royal Elite Musk:

A unique aromatic experience. Feel luxury and the perfect balance between elegance and attractiveness with a distinctive oriental flavor. Amazing effect in attracting souls...

Andalus Flower Extract:

A reflection of unlimited beauty and elegance at the same time. Its calm, pure and delicate scent definitely affects your inner feelings and evokes delicate feelings through its unique components and captivating aroma inspired by the most beautiful and pure types of Andalusia flowers. It suits personalities that are filled with passion and are enhanced by the spirit of excitement with its fragrance. Master the art of attraction...

Mukhallat Asayel:

Characterized by its scent being a mixture of the distinctive and authentic oriental oud scent mixed with a wonderful group of flowers and essential oils. Making it a very attractive and distinctive aromatic experience, which accompanies your personality wherever you are to cultivate attractiveness around you...


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