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Quality Dhikr Counter& Tasbeeh Counter

Quality Dhikr Counter& Tasbeeh Counter

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Digital tasbih counter 

  • Digital Clock and Timer – The counter features a digital clock that displays accurate time and starts calculating the time taken for each channel to complete zikar/Tasbih. Idle time when the click button is not pressed is not included in the timer. The clock also indicates whether the counter is locked or in an idle state, and the user can lock or unlock it by pressing the side buttons simultaneously.
  • Long-lasting Battery - The counter is equipped with a long-lasting lithium CR-2026 battery, ensuring uninterrupted counting without any worries about battery replacement.
  • Silicon Counter with Green LED Backligh - The counter boasts a premium build, featuring an ergonomically designed, compact and lightweight body made from high-quality Silicon. It provides a comfortable grip and is scratch-resistant, ensuring long-lasting clarity. The Green LED backlight makes it easy to read at night, while the counter's energy-saving mode activates automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - We offer a satisfaction guarantee for our Digital Finger Counters. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we'll refund your entire amount without any questions asked. Don't hesitate to order now before our Digital Finger Counters sell out.
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