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Rice Cube Maker

Rice Cube Maker

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The rice cube is a contraption that will assist you in making rice in a cube shaped form, and will help you make sushi using plain rice, with no sticky rice required. This will cut down on calories and time, plus you won't need to use any nori seaweed to keep the rice in place.

To use the sushi cube maker, just place your rice on one of the platforms, then slide the other one to inter-tangle them to make a perfectly shaped cube of rice. It'll help make sushi cubes in seconds, and squashes your ingredients into perfectly bite sized squares.

Not only is it great for making rice squares for sushi, but the cube maker also works great for making cube shaped polenta, falafel, risotto, and to make sweets like cake pops, brownies and fruit and nut squares.

The sushi rice cube maker is dishwasher safe, is red in color, made from food safe ABS, and measures 2.5" x 2.5" 


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