Sina Health - Pomegranate
Sina Health - Pomegranate
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Sina Health - Pomegranate

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The Original Pomegranate peel Vegan Capsules 
What is Pomegranate Peel Powder ?
Derived from the beautiful and abundant Pomegranate fruit husks dried and grinded to produce this healthy pomegranate peel powder .
This exotic fruit has benefitted people for centuries .
This Superfood is :
·         Naturally high in Vitamin C
·         A Powerhouse Antioxidant
·         Leaves Skin looking radiantly beautiful
·         Promotes cell growth and
prevents Collagen depletion
·         Prevents Hairloss
·         Boosts Bone and Dental health
·         Assist the fight against Acne
·         Promotes essential Gut Health
·         Detoxes the body
·         Alleviates and assist with
  sore throats and infections