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Sunnah Foods Memory Games

Sunnah Foods Memory Games

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Learning the beautiful Sunnah foods
📍24 PIECES..
📍Vibrant & colorful..
📍Learn 12 beautiful sunnah foods..

Few benefits of playing memory games;
🎊Boost the brain...
🎊Improves creativity..
🎊Stimulates the mind..
🎊Enhances recognition..
🎊Improves vocabulary..
🎊Cure to short memory..

Lets play and learn🙌
•as Flash cards’:
Can be used as flash cards for little ones to learn the sunnah foods..
•Spot the missing sunnah food
Toddlers can play with parents/ teachers,
Put a few pieces down,ask the tot to name the foods,tell the tot to close his eyes and hide one piece.. ask him to open his eyes, and name which piece is missing..
Keep in mind that your child may take some time to get acquainted to the game
• Matching from memory
This is an awesome exercise to improve memory and concentration in children. Start by placing three pairs of cards face down on a table. Ask your toddler to open the first piece and call out what he sees. Then, ask him to open the next piece. If the piece is identical to the first one, he can keep both the pieces. However, if the piece is different, he needs to place the two pieces back, face down. Encourage him to continue until he’s paired up all the pieces.
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