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The Gift of Durood and Salaam

The Gift of Durood and Salaam

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Undoubtedly, Hazrat Rasulullah (SAW) is the greatest human being and the pinnacle of Allah's (SWT) creation. it is the ultimate honour for every ummati of Hazrat Rasulullah (SAW) to be linked to Hazrat Rasulullah (SAW), the Imaan of all the Ambiyaa of Allah (SWT).

Hazrat Rasulullah (SAW) is the source of hidayaat (guidance) for humanity at large, for it was none other than Hazrat Rasullullah (SAW) who was chosen to show us the path of guidance through which we can earn eternal bliss and salvation. The ability to worship and recognize Allah (SWT) correctly, and simultaneously fulfil the rihts of fellow humans, also depends entirely upon emulating the teachings of Hazrat Rasulullah (SAW). 

Thus, when Hazrat Rasulullah (SAW) is essentially the source of good in this world and our guide to Paradise, and we are blessed to be his followers, then we can well imagine what rights he has over us and how indebted we are to him.

Among the rights that Hazrat Rasulullah (SAW) has over us is that we obey him in all that he has commanded, we lead a life on conformity to his mubaarak lifestyle, and we continuously recite Durood and Salaam upon him. 

Lamentably, on account of our busy schedules and preoccupation with commitments and mundane activities, we have drifted far away from Hazrat Rasulullah (SAW) and lost track of our main objectives and priorities in life. In view of the present situation, the need was felt to once again rekindle the love of Hazrat Rasulullah (SAW)  within our hearts, thereby enabling us to understand and follow the way of his mubaarak sunnah and reach Allah (SWT). Hence, this book titled "The Gift of Durood and Salaam" has been prepared which contains the virtues of durood and incidents regarding love for Rasulullah (SAW).

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