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Tuhfatul Shabaab

Tuhfatul Shabaab

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This book must be introduced to the grade 6 and 7 learners. The book is divided in two parts:
The first part discusses the following topics:
· Buloogh (Puberty)
· Cleanliness, Istinjaa, Circumcision, Janaabat
· Hair, Clothing, Perfume, etc.
· Physical Fitness, Permissible Sport
· Music, Smoking, Intoxicants, Gambling
The second part discusses
· Evil glances, Photography, Television, Cell Phones
· Pornography, Masturbation, Zina, Dating, Suicide
· Conduct and Duties at Home,
· Mashwara, Employment
· Qualities of Successful Muslim youth
Some sections are of a sensitive nature and should not be discussed in the presence of young children.

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