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Wudhu Socks - Waterproof Socks

Wudhu Socks - Waterproof Socks

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Unisex Socks, Perfect for Travelling, Camping and for those extra Cold Winter Days 



Outer Modal: Nylon, Elastine
Inner: Bamboo, Rayon
Interlining:  Nanoporus Membrane

Completely waterproof with highly breathable membrane interlining.
it has a three-tiered structure. The outer shell has the
role of a protective layer made of nylon knit, and has the
function of water repellency while having both high durability
and wear resistance. Because the inner material touches the bare
skin directly, it uses micro fleece fiber that can cope with
subtle environmental changes as well as the fit performance, and
is equipped with a heat retention function and quick drying
function to prevent damage to the bare skin.These fibers also
have the function of reducing the occurrence of blistering
because they excel in quick-drying function. The functional
mid liner uses PIL Membrane's waterproof, ventilated poller
coating. With excellent quality and excellent performance
coatings, 100% full waterproof with ventilation capabilities.

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